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  • BIM solutions cover integrated process design, simulation, engineering, procurement, construction and handover processes. These solutions ensure your capital expenditure counts for more; projects are delivered on time, and plants can start up faster and safer. SBRd foundation services begin with our superior quality modeling expertise. SBRd saves time and money by virtually assembling a building before it’s been constructed. Our team consists of engineers, trade specialists and other highly skilled professionals who can design BIMs from scratch or convert 2D drawings into 3D models with real construction experience. SBRd BIM team creates data rich – object based digital representations of Plant and buildings for construction and design professionals. We measure and work in all types of Built Environments, bringing value across the entire life cycle of an asset.
  • R&D is very relevant in today’s competitive scenario when customers are hankering after new products and new technologies. The firm that can successfully leverage its R&D efforts by translating the efforts in building new products will find itself ahead of its competitors. Expenses on R&D can be considered not as expenditure but as an investment.
  • So SBR Company is NOT Exception and according to the dilemmas of the country; IRAN , Specially in industry ,tried to have a competitive edge over its competitors and have a clear foresight about future problems that needs solutions such as: research on new technologies in the fields of Steel, Mine ,oil& Gas and environment that will be resolved significant challenges such as shortage of industry chain Specially in Steel, industrial pollution and environmental issues related to it, lack of water and energy or even lack of precious metal that can be achieved from waste processing in many fields of industry.


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    Design and Analysis
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  • Article1

    An Over View of Slag Cooling and Granulation System Case Study :Mathematical Modeling of Rotary Dick as a Dry Method
  • Article2

    Recycling andReuse Iron Oxide Pellet Fine Through Steelmaking Processes
  • Article3

    Investigating the Effects of Recycling Slag on Performance of Electrical arc Furnace
  • Article4

    Performance Analysis of an Integrated Solar Based Therm-electric and Desalination System


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SBR has been Established as an EPC Private Company in the fields of Steel, Mine, oil & Gas and Environment since 1996